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Institutional Trade Processing

存’s Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) service suite has its origins in the set of trade processing solutions that constituted the Omgeo business. Our solutions currently enable clients around the world to instantly access counterparties in established markets as well as growth markets driving best practices, promoting effective communications and accelerating their 帖子-trade processes.


  • 警报® - The industry’s largest online global database for the maintenance and communication of accounts and standing settlement instructions (SSIs)
  • 注射屋™ - The web-based central repository that stores broker/dealer confirmation disclosures
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  • 中医® - The central matching platform used by end-user clients to allocate and centrally match transactions globally across multiple asset classes
  • TRADESUITE ID® - The trade agreement platform that automates the electronic distribution of trade details between counterparties for 帖子-trade processing of 直接转矩-eligible securities to facilitate electronic settlement
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结算s Management

  • 结算 INSTRUCTION MANAGERAutomatically generate and send settlement instructions to custodians and interested third parties
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Data Analytics

  • ITP DATA 分析 - 一个值得信赖的, 不可知论者, golden source of information tailored to help you analyze and compare your operational performance 
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